A secret is buried deep in the woods and is calling out in the dreams and waking visions of a teenage boy. Together with his friends, they try to solve the mystery, and face a battle against darkness that they never dreamed they would face.



AUDITIONS dates and times: 

Auditions have been extended they are now

open through next Wednesday, August 10th! 

We will be accepting video submissions

AS WELL AS live video calls for auditions!

Rehearsal and Performance Location:

The Art Place 

3330 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066

For more information please

email Danielle at

CLICK HERE for the Rehearsal Schedule

What to prepare:


  • One minute monologue (Mystery/Fantasy/Adventure based) 

  • English accent wanted in monologue or during talkback


  • 30 seconds to 1 minute demonstration of your movement skills.

  • Movement can be an abstract piece to music, or can just be a demonstration of your skills/body control

  • If you would like a chance to be an actor as well as a puppeteer you must prepare movement along with the monologue.

Character List/Description:

-- Some smaller roles may be double cast or played by puppeteers/technicians
-- Teenage characters may be played by older actors as long as they look younger, and vice versa

Large Roles-

  • Daniel: male, age range 14-17, kind-hearted, tries to be brave and loyal but is generally lost

  • Emma: female, age range 14-17, smart as a whip, responsible, driven

  • Rupert: male, age range 14-17, lazy, easy to read, loyal to his friends

  • Ned: male, age range 14-17, book smart, few people skills, clumsy, kind

  • Kelsey: female, age range 14-17, very smart, fiery, stronger than she looks, independent

  • Sean: male, age range 14-17, street smart, good under pressure, a little testy

  • Artemis: male or female, white shimmery unicorn (will be controlled onstage by 3 puppeteers and voiced by an offstage actor with a microphone), very kind and wise, helpful to the students

Medium Roles-

  • Slite: male, age range 14-17, snobby, rich, bitter towards Daniel and his friends, hiding something

  • Fletch: male or female, age range 25-40, fiery and impulsive, a confidant of Daniel's, somewhat irresponsible

  • Leon: male or female, age range 25-40, responsible and level-headed, professor, knows exactly how much responsibility to give and where to rein it in

  • McCann: male or female, age range 30-45, professor, very smart and kind-hearted, but with a strong guard up

  • Alfred: male, age range 25-45, worksman on school grounds, more of a buddy to Daniel and his friends than an authority figure

Small Roles-

  • Martha: female, age range 30-45, Rupert and Kelsey's mom, very protective, hides her fear behind discipline

  • Snicket: male, age range 30-45, mean professor in school

  • Evil One: male, face never seen clearly, must have scary voice, evil dark mage

  • Slite's goons: male or female, age range 14-17, mean henchmen of Slite

  • Ferin (ROLE HAS BEEN CAST): Slite's father

  • Anchring: male, age range 30-60, headmaster of school, very wise but aloof and distant, powerful mage

  • Dark Wizards: male or female, age range any, must be good with movement, fighters for Ferin and Slite

  • Nymphs: male or female, age range any, must be good with creative movement and fantastical voices, mischievous and dishonest forest creatures


If you have any questions or concerns please email Danielle Lorentz at Non-equity, no pay. We look forward to meeting you!