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Audition Info

Cold Reading/ Acting Portion

**Below you can find lines spoken by characters in the show please have your child look over them. That will allow them to become more comfortable with it. We will ask you for a list of the top 3 characters you would potentially like to be cast as. Not everyone will be able to play the same part, ALL roles are important. Everyone will have a chance to shine!

ALL roles can be played by either Girls or Boys 

Sheer Khan (Boy or Girl)          CLICK HERE

Mowgli (Boy or Girl)                  CLICK HERE
Bagheera (Boy or Girl)            CLICK HERE
Baloo (Boy or Girl)                    CLICK HERE
Kaa (Boy or Girl)                        CLICK HERE
King Louie (Boy or Girl)         CLICK HERE
Colonel Hathi (Boy or Girl)   CLICK HERE

We have provided a small list of character above, more can be found in the script. A student may read for a character, but it doesn't mean that they will be cast as that role. They can to read for any of these characters, but we may ask them to read for different ones also.
They do NOT have to memorize any of these lines. We just want them to lightly prepare, and expect to have loads of fun.

Auditions will take place the FIRST day of club, it's a part of our curriculum. Students get to learn how to audition properly in a friendly, welcoming, fun and safe environment! EVERY child will have a shining moment on stage. 

Vocal Portion of Auditions

We want ALL students to look over one song from the list provided below. They’re simply familiarizing themselves with the music. 
**It doesn't mean they're only auditioning for that specific character. Our goal is to hear your kids projection, and vocal ability. 

(If your child can't read music that is perfectly fine it is not at all necessary. We will also rehearse these songs as a group on the first day so everyone is confident before auditioning. 

Have your child listen and sing along at home. That will help your child learn, and be confident in the music. Please click the link to listen to the correct version.

The Bare Necessities 
(Start :00 End :20)


I Wan'na Be Like You
(Start at :22 End at :40)

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